PREMIÈRE ADRESSE is an online store offering a diverse and distinguished selection of locally designed fashionbeauty and home items for customers who are aware of the impact of their purchases.

Wishing to showcase local conceptualization, design and making, PREMIÈRE ADRESSE offers you an alternative a distinctive platform that facilitates and encourages the purchase of fine local products in inspiring ways. Developed in Montreal, PREMIÈRE ADRESSE comes to life by bringing together a diversified group of craftspersons and designers under one web address.

Olivia Leblanc


The project is the initiative of Olivia Leblanc, a stylist and artistic director for more than 15 years in Montréal. She has worked alongside the most talented photographers and on the branding of the largest Canadian fashion retailers (Aldo, Simons, Reitmans, among many others). Olivia has always enjoyed experimenting with the mix of high-end and more accessible fashion and has encouraged the work of local designers throughout her career.

Olivia is passionate about everything related to art, art of living, design, architecture, music, travel and the environment. The creation of PREMIÈRE ADRESSE was therefore an essential project for her. In fact, the platform represents the outcome of the inspiration she has accumulated over time through culture, travel, work and relationships.

For PREMIÈRE ADRESSE, she personally selects each item. Guided by her unique vision, she stages pieces by creators whose styles and clienteles are sometimes heterogeneous, using her know-how to immerse customers in an inspiring and timeless universe. The idea behind Olivia’s creative process is to allow consumers to discover new local artists and to exploit each item to its full potential. All of this was born out of a desire to contribute, in her own way, to the democratization of local purchasing.

I wanted to promote Canadian talent and prove that you can find as many great products here as internationally. It was therefore essential for me to bring them together, to create a reference for these artists-designers. PREMIÈRE ADRESSE is a platform that aims to be the first place you turn to if you’re looking for a variety of fine local items. It is also a shopping place that makes you discover local talents, especially craftspersons and photographers.

In fact, PREMIÈRE ADRESSE is above all the result of a long reflection and an essential need to give back, here on our territory. On the one hand, Olivia Leblanc felt the need to break the cycle of always turning first to the big chains. On the other hand, she realized that for the consumer who wants to buy local, there was not really a varied platform where it was possible to find a range of craftspersons with a selection of their products. In the spirit of ​​markets or exhibitions, it was absolutely necessary to find a way to bring together local craftspersons year round and build something that would put forward Québec and Canadian talent for buyers who want to change their way of consuming and don’t know where to start.

Olivia wants to make a real difference in the Canadian market and also make the lives of designers and consumers alike easier by creating a destination that will be the # 1 local reference for elegant purchases in fashion, beauty and home goods.


  • Sonia Bernier DA & Développeur Web

  • Gaëlle Leroyer Photographer

  • Ariane Poulin Photographer & Videographer

  • Claudine Prévost Reporter

  • Pénélope Lemay Project manager

  • Royal Gilbert Photographer

  • Kelly Jacob Photographer

  • Garrett Naccarato Photographer

  • Nicolas Blanchet Hair & Make up

  • Maina Milizta Hair & Make up

  • Alper Sisters Hair & Makeup